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About US

We believe in transparency and know it’s important for our users to know who we are.

So who are we?

We have BIG goals to bring our excellent services to ALL  Canadians by expanding into more Provinces starting in 2017.  Our business model has ALWAYS been about saving Seller’s money….after all, it’s their hard earned equity. We have NEVER charged a Seller a full 5% commission. EVER!

Home Source Realty Ltd., Brokerage

Why Mere Postings?

Mere Postings is the term used by the Canadian Real Estate Association to describe the services our Brokerage offers, rather than full service and full commissions others offer. Mere Posting means we merely post the property to MLS® on behalf of Seller’s and they are responsible to do some of the work all while saving money.

We decided to become one of the very few Brokerages to offer this service to the general public. 99.99% wouldn’t consider this as it’s not in their best interests….or the interests of their wallets. Having done our research our team felt it was necessary to provide an easy to use platform that would allow Seller’s to select packages best suited to their need based on experience. We can also custom build a package if requested.  Mere Postings will save Seller’s money and give them valuable exposure to millions of Buyers from all over Canada on®. Stats show appx 12 MILLION VIEWS PER MONTH*. You CANNOT get this exposure anywhere else. (*CREA)

Why a Real Estate Brokerage when I’m trying to sell privately?

We love answering this question and believe you’ll love the answer. There are other platforms that will convince you SOCIAL MEDIA is all you need to sell a home and they’ll charge you far more than we do for ZERO exposure in our opinion. You know who they are….those GUYS that claim they want to change real estate and some new comers jumping into the ring. A listing platform is simply a place to post or display your home online for you to tell all your friends….”Hey check out my sweet place for sale!”. But is it THE ABSOLUTE BEST EXPOSURE? Not a chance.

When a property is listed with and our Brokerage, it is published on TMLS (the largest MLS® system in Canada) and this is where Realtor® will see your home. From here, you have the choice to offer a Selling Agent a commission or NOT. Agents do have a lot of Buyers-you might know this. The property is also loaded to where ALL BUYER’s FROM ACROSS CANADA SEARCH. As stated above-12 Million views monthly. This is to your benefit when a Buyer sees your home as a match. They click a link and it takes them directly from to your own listing page for your property, where your contact info is displayed. Now you’ve SOLD it direct and saved on both sides of the commission. YEAH!

By listing with our Brokerage, you cut out the middle man. These listing platforms are aware of the benefits of MLS® and and have started to work with Brokerages to get the exposure. BUT….at a cost. A higher cost to Sellers. The listing GUYS charge a ridiculous fee, THEN offer you MLS® and for an ADDITIONALLY RIDICULOUS FEE. Sometimes as much as what a full service discount Brokerage would charge. If they felt so confident about their PLATFORMS, they wouldn’t UP SELL you on the benefits of MLS®.

Social media works and we implement it daily. BUT it just isn’t enough to give your property MASSIVE EXPOSURE to MILLIONS across CANADA!

We are in the Real Estate game and we know Real Estate. We are fully licensed and fully capable. We are not a middle man, a marketing associate, a forked tongue-side mouth talker trying to make you think Real Estate is EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY! “Just list it on our platform and smile and wave….it’ll sell”. NOT 😉

Our Brokerage knows what it takes to efficiently sell Real Estate and we offer YOU the same tools WE USE to SELL HOMES! For a very fair price.

Who we’re NOT!

We are NOT the following:

-Individuals or groups who claim they are able to provide Home Owners with better options in the For Sale By Owner market using social media alone…and maybe a cute little sign

-Individuals or groups who claim to have had a “brainstorm session” because they were frustrated with Realtors® and wanted to create a PLATFORM that is superior to traditional Real Estate

-Individuals or groups who have limited Real Estate transaction experience

-Individuals or groups who convince you that you DON’T need a Realtor® to sell your home for top dollar…..then UP SELL you to gain MLS® Access, which is owned by CREA®-Canadian Real Estate Association and its member Realtors®


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